As the information trickles in from day to day about all of this, one thing remains true: YOU are responsible for your own health and immune system. We know that movement, dance, exercise, working out – however you see it – has enormous benefits on our immune system and other working systems of the body. Sleep, recovery, and of course NUTRITION are other vital components of being the healthiest we can be. When we take ownership of our own health, we have the opportunity to thrive.

I am fortunate enough to be part of an amazing gym that is still programming at-home workouts for us (thank you PFC!). For my part, I am programming mobility for our athletes. I am also now working one on one and in group live sessions on pole, and also with mobility and conditioning. Contact me here for more information.

Let’s maintain our connection. Human connection is another underrated component of true health.

Jamilla xx

2020: Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I hope you made your peace with 2019 and are ready for a big and bright year to come. I spent my New Years Eve performing on an X-Pole LyraPole at Mandalay Bay for Missy Cochran Entertainment. With a front row view for the fireworks at midnight, it was exactly the way I wanted to take out the old and welcome in the new!

Here’s where you can find me this month:

Shine Alternative Fitness here in Las Vegas until January 16

Land of Lakes Pole Festival in St Paul, MN January 17-19

I’ll be in my home country of Australia through to the end of January: contact me for all inquiries and bookings.

April & May 2019!

Jamilla Deville

Here are my dates for April & May 2019:

April 7: Verticality Fitness, Houston, TX

April 13: Shine Showcase, Las Vegas

April 24-28: Las Vegas Pole Camp

May 1: Light Ball, CMXX, Las Vegas

May 5: Studio Rouge, Columbus, OH

Contact the studios for more details or to book in to my workshops. I’m also available for private lessons!

Upcoming Tours

Jamilla 2017 PromoAlthough I LOVE my Vegas life, and especially my classes at Shine Fitness, 2017 is also bringing me some very exciting touring, both domestic and international. Here are a few of my upcoming adventures:

March 18: Nicki Dark Fitness, Memphis, TN – 1pm Dance It Out; 2.15pm Extend Yourself; 2.50pm Signature Moves

April 2: LAPD (London Academy of Pole Dance)

April 3: Pole Fitness Malta

April 7-9: Pole Fitness Pantera, Slovenia

With thanks to my management, Poles On Tour.

Contact the studios above for all bookings and enquiries, or Poles On Tour to book me for your studio. I can’t wait to meet pole dancers from all of these places and more!


Teaching: The Art of Spotting

Teaching is an art all of its own; it’s every bit as much my passion as performing. Spotting, too, is an art all of its own. An experienced instructor will know how to keep a student safe and give them the grip, engagement and feel of a move, without taking the work completely away from them.

Teaching is an art all of its own. It's every bit as much my passion as performing. Being a great coach involves knowing what the right level is for each individual student and making each class about them and what best serves them. And spotting is a huge part of taking a student from A to Z. Spotting is an art too: it should be used to maintain safety and allow a student to experience how a move should FEEL and grip. There is a true art in knowing how to spot just enough without taking the onus of the effort away from the student. This was part of my first class of the day. Friday mornings (10am) ROCK at @shinefitnesslv! With thanks to my pole stars @tsunamigina and @belenaenora ??❤??✨ Oh, PS: I'm wearing limited edition @dragonflybrand shorts ?? #artofpole #extendyourself #jamilladeville #poledance #poleathlete #poleathletics #fit #fitgirls #girlswithmuscle #girlswholift #fitfam #fitness #love #lasvegas #vegas

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