Jamilla Deville
Aerial, pole, cabaret, burlesque performer
Internationally awarded pole instructor


thankyouAfter a month and a half of touring the world, I’m home! I’ve had the honor of meeting amazing pole studio owners, instructors and students from studios in Australia, New Zealand, Spain, France, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Denmark, and Norway. I’m blessed to be able to have the traveling adventures that I do! With thanks to everyone who welcomed me so warmly and to my management, Poles On Tour, who take care of everything I can’t keep a handle on when I’m flying every other day.

While I’m home I will be teaching at Shine Fitness, and over the coming months I will also be touring the US, including feature performances at Ink’n’Iron Nashville, a return to Femme Fatale, OH, a first visit to Enchant Vertical Dance, WA, and a Crossfit/ Pole mix up at Steel Monkey, MS! In late August I will be setting off again, this time for Central and South America. For more details, see my online schedule. To book me for your studio or event, please contact my manager Kristy at Poles On Tour.

Whilst in Las Vegas, I am offering Online Skype Lessons. These are one on one classes in strength & conditioning, pole training, and flexibility, for students of all levels. For more details, contact me here!

Jamilla Touring Australia & New Zealand

Not long now until I set off for my home country! I can’t wait to see my family & pole friends again. Below is my schedule. Make sure you book in quickly (with the studios – links are below) as the final places in my workshops are going fast! I am also available for private lessons whilst in Sydney, at Studio Exclusive in Chatswood. Book in for private lessons in Sydney here. Check out Extend Yourself for the next level of performance training: May 5 & 6 at Studio Exclusive. Book in here!

April 24, 25: Pole Blitz, QLD

April 26, 27: Pole Play, QLD

April 27, 28: Studio 27, WA

April 30: Studio Exclusive, NSW – Private lessons only

May 2, 3: Dynamite, NZ – Workshops & Hell on Heels Art of Tease Show

May 4: Studio Exclusive – Private lessons only

May 5, 6: Studio Exclusive – Extend Yourself Professional Pole Training

May 7: Studio Exclusive – Private lessons only

Extend Yourself: Professional Pole Training

Extend Yourself

“Your playing small doesn’t serve the world” ~ Marianne Williamson

The pole world has grown in ten short years from a tiny, niche group to a global community complete with studios in every major city, online magazines, apparel producers, thriving brands and international championships. Our industry was built on a performance art that many now also call a sport. Yet for all the focus on performance, the art of presence and the way a performer connects with the audience seem mostly to be drowned out in favour of the level of difficulty of tricks.

There is so much more to performing than how many times you can flip your fonji or how flat your Jade split is. Strength, control, stamina, flexibility, and general quality of movement are very much part of a great show, but what use are big tricks if you are hiding, playing small, unable to connect with what you are doing, let alone the audience sitting in front of you?

What is this art of performing, of connecting, of being present in everything you do on stage? This is what I’m here to help you to bring life to. Train your body as an athlete and train your performance as an artist. Be the brightest, most magnificent version of yourself, for all the world to see. Extend Yourself!

For more, see the Extend Yourself page. There are only four places available in my two-day intensive, coming up May 5 & 6 at Studio Exclusive in Chatswood, Sydney, Australia. Contact me here to apply. I’m excited to receive your application & even more to dance with you!


Pole Rocks the Crossfit Open 15.5!

Las Vegas, Nevada, Thursday March 26th: The Crossfit Open came to Crossfit Max Effort to reveal the workout for Week Five of the Open. As part of the pre-show entertainment, audience members were called out to show extraordinary talents. I am a member of Max Effort and my entire crew pushed me to the stage! So, what to do … I climbed the rig and did a handspring! This was one short moment in the whole of the night, but I believe it was a huge moment for a lot of Crossfit fans who didn’t perhaps know much if at all about pole and its highly acrobatic nature. For one of their own to jump up and hold a split invert, especially after very challenging gymnastic movements coming up over the last few weeks of the Open, the word is sure to be spreading now. If not, well, there is always this post on the Crossfit Games Instagram page!

* Update: Check out this video from @superfitmoms on Instagram!

Jamilla Deville: World Tour 2015

My tour schedule for 2015 is filling fast! When I’m not at home in Vegas teaching at Shine Alternative Fitness or Pole Fitness Studio, you will find me here:

March 6-10: Midwest USA

April 18, 19: Nashville USA

April 24-May 8: Australia & NZ

May 14-31: Europe – Ibiza Pole Camp, France, Greece, Switerland, Czech Republic, Poland, Norway

June 4-8: International Pole Convention, New Orleans, USA

August 19-31: South America – Chile

September 9-13: Pole Expo, Las Vegas, USA

For more details, check my Upcoming Events Page!

To request a booking, please contact my management, Poles On Tour.