A Week In the Life of a Pole Dancer and Crossfit Athlete, Part Two

One thing I’ve learned in my time as a professional pole artist is that as creative as we are, we are also athletes. And being a successful athlete is as much about how you feed, mobilize and rest your body as it is about your tricks and achievements on stage and in the studio. There is no health, no longevity, without balance. I mix up my pole training with Crossfit and Strength classes at CrossFit Max Effort here in Las Vegas, along with as many flexibility classes as I can manage at Shine Fitness and Pole Fitness Studio. Pole and Crossfit BOTH require a level of commitment to achieve and maintain a high level of performance. The last year or so has been all about finding the balance of both, plus mobility, plus nutrition, plus rest. I can honestly say that what I have put myself through is only enriching what I have to offer as an instructor (I can’t wait to get back on the road again!). Here is a taste of my last week, which brought its challenges as well as its victories. But no matter what, each new day is a chance to take on the world yet again, and each evening is a chance to reflect on how damn lucky I am to be living here, surrounded by so much talent and passion, living my dream.

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Happy New Year!

Where were you when the clock struck twelve? This time around I saw in the New Year doing what I love: performing on pole at an event in the Bellagio’s Grand Ballroom, right in the midst of the Las Vegas Strip. A dream come true!

With gratitude for the awareness and adventures that 2014 brought, I am welcoming 2015 with open arms. I am both more settled in my new home of Las Vegas, and also excited for my next tour stops; having the opportunity to travel so much makes me appreciate home all the more. This year I will continue touring throughout the US, Australia and Europe, commence teacher trainings, perform at Ink’n’Iron in LA and Nashville, and I will also be teaching and performing at Pole Expo here in Vegas, in September. Lots more is yet to be announced, and you can see all my confirmed adventures on my Events Page, or check out my workshop menu and contact Kristy at Poles On Tour to book me for your studio or event.

Jamilla Deville, as shot by Christopher Donald Photography

Jamilla Deville, as shot by Christopher Donald Photography

Finally, a thought or two for the ending of one year and the beginning of another:

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new” ~ Socrates

Bring it on!” ~ Jamilla



GratitudeThis time of year (Thanksgiving is the fourth Thursday in November here in the US) is a big reminder of the value of gratitude. For me it’s a time to look back at the adventures of the year and to appreciate the successes, the lessons, and the people who were a part of it all.  With my life being that of an athlete, right now I’m grateful for my health and fitness, as well as for the industries (pole and Crossfit) that have made it possible for me to live my dream. These industries are thriving because of the passion and determination of the people in them. Hook into that vibe, that inspiration, and the impossible becomes possible! Thank YOU for the inspiration, and Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

For more information on my whereabouts & continuing pole adventures in December (including a return to Seattle!), go to my Events Page. And if you’d like to drop by Vegas and have an inspirational hour or two of private pole tuition with me, contact me here (the inspiration goes both ways!).