Jamilla Deville
Aerial, pole, cabaret, burlesque performer
Internationally awarded pole instructor


As the information trickles in from day to day about all of this, one thing remains true: YOU are responsible for your own health and immune system. We know that movement, dance, exercise, working out – however you see it – has enormous benefits on our immune system and other working systems of the body. Sleep, recovery, and of course NUTRITION are other vital components of being the healthiest we can be. When we take ownership of our own health, we have the opportunity to thrive.

I am fortunate enough to be part of an amazing gym that is still programming at-home workouts for us (thank you PFC!). For my part, I am programming mobility for our athletes. I am also now working one on one and in group live sessions on pole, and also with mobility and conditioning. Contact me here for more information.

Let’s maintain our connection. Human connection is another underrated component of true health.

Jamilla xx

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