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Aerial, pole, cabaret, burlesque performer
Internationally awarded pole instructor

Pole Love: Thank You for the Support

I wrote a post on Facebook a few days ago that I’d like to share here since you might not be on my friends list (it’s long full, sorry – you can always join my Fan Page instead). It was inspired by the ones who support pole dancers – friends, family, partners, colleagues – the ones who not only take us as we are (often a little left of centre/ freaky or at least “creative”), but who get that we are ALL the personas we show throughout the day (and more), and who celebrate that. Those who aren’t afraid to stand up in public and say, yup, he/ she’s my ….. (friend/ partner/ family). And isn’t he/she amazing. Here’s the post, and if you’d like to support it on Facebook, here’s the link.

“I’m taking my hat off today to the partners of pole dancers who support, share and celebrate alongside us. Some of us use stage names, some of us portray characters, some just perform moves, but all of us, all of us, are both the performer AND the person who leaves the stage or studio at the end of the day. We are not two split personalities. Our stage persona is not some useless fake thing to be discarded or disregarded. Who we are encompasses the whole lot, and isn’t that just awesome (and healthy). So here’s to the support crew/ partners/ family who can see & appreciate that and love all of it. Thanks for letting us be all of who we are, without reservation. That’s Pole Love. Jamilla … Out!” ~ Jamilla, July 13, 2013

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